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Take Our Mother’s Day Quiz!

It’s almost Mother’s Day which means it is time to pick out the perfect gift for the special lady in your life. Whether it is your mother, grandmother or simply someone who has made an impact in your life, make sure you take the time to find out exactly what will make her smile on the 15th March! To find … Continue reading

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Top Tips for New Year Lounging

Getting all cosy in front of the TV with a hot drink is required most evenings during this time of the year. The early dark nights which have arrived are so uninspiring and make the sofa and fire look a lot more inviting than heading outdoors. So if you are going to give in and stay put, you should be … Continue reading

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Christmas Facts You Didn’t Know!

We are getting very excited about how close Christmas is already! Soon we will be stuffing our faces with delicious chocolates and arguing over which board game to play – and we cannot wait! We all know the traditions and what goes on around Christmas time, so how about some unusual facts about the festive season? Here are the top … Continue reading

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A Very Merry Disney Christmas

Christmas is a gorgeous time of the year and it is just around the corner! You can certainly feel that festive excitement creeping in everywhere now, and will for the next 9 weeks! Seen as though we have been spreading our love for Disney lately with our fun sidekick quiz and fantastic competition, we thought we would keep that theme … Continue reading

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Festive Season Scents!

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas, everywhere you goooo! Well we are getting into the spirit a tad early but it is only a couple of months away now. The nights are starting to get darker, jumpers are being pulled out of wardrobes and everybody is getting that wintry feeling, which of course means that the season of … Continue reading

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Halloween House of Horrors!

The nights are starting to draw in earlier and there is a chill in the air, October is finally here! The change in month and season can only mean that Halloween is lurking around the corner. If you are a fan of all things spooky and supernatural then a brand we stock named Nemesis Now is definitely one worth taking … Continue reading

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Which Disney Character Is The Perfect Sidekick For You?

Disney is an important part of many a childhood across the globe and we absolutely love the brand here at the Internet Gift Store. To add even more fun to our site we thought we would put together a quiz for you to do, so you can find out exactly which Disney character would be the perfect sidekick for you … Continue reading

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The Gentlemen’s Gift Guide

We all know that one man who is considered a gent; a guy who has impeccable manners and is just so darn sophisticated! They are few and far between but getting that one gent a gift can certainly be a difficult job, do not fear as we are on hand to help with some brilliant gifts from the Gentlemen’s Hardware … Continue reading

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10 Facts You Didn’t Know about Disney’s Frozen!

‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ Sorry if this is now stuck in your head all day, and if you don’t know what we are on about then you have clearly been hiding under a rock since the end of 2013! It is of course a line from one of the many memorable songs from Disney’s Frozen. The film … Continue reading

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The Hidden Gems of the Internet Gift Store

Here at the Internet Gift Store, we have so many random and awesome novelty gifts that it can sometimes be hard to keep track of them all! There is certainly plenty to choose from that will suit a range of occasions and types of people, which is why we thought we would help you out a little cause we are … Continue reading

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