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DIY Life Hacks You Didn’t Know About

In today’s modern world, our lives are so busy we’re constantly on the lookout on how to simplify our everyday tasks and organisation so we have more time to do the things we enjoy. We’d like to share some of our favourite DIY lifehacks with you. We won’t bore you with a full explanation of why you should try out at least a few of these clever tricks, we’ll just show you some of our favourites so you can get started!

Dropped Your Phone In The Toilet?


As much as you think it’ll never happen to you, dropping a shiny new iPhone down the loo is becoming increasingly more common. Whether it’s because you just can’t stop looking at your phone whilst on the throne or it slips out of your back pocket, we don’t know. However, you’ve probably heard that putting your phone in a bowl or rice will reverse the damage? Whilst we’re not disputing this works in some cases, there’s an even better solution. You know those bags of silica that you find in your box of trainers? Well they’re designed to draw moisture from the air – so putting them to use by placing them around your waterlogged phone may bring it back to life.

Lost An Earing?


Losing an earring or other small objects is often the end of the road – there’s no chance you can find something that small amongst your sofa and furniture, right? Maybe not without this nifty trick. Take a pair of old tights and put them around your hoover hose or crevice tool and secure with an elastic band. Hoover up around the area where you’ve dropped your earring and, fingers crossed, it will be collected in the pair of tights.

Cleaning Your Trainers


We don’t know many people who don’t own a pair of Converse trainers or other tennis shoes with a white rubber sole. Unfortunately, the same rubber sole that sets these trainers apart from others can become dirty and marked over time – not even the washer will completely remove the stains. Our advice is to get a old cloth and add a dab of nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to it and just apply some elbow grease to rub away the marks on the rubber sole – easy!

Broken Phone Charger?


Broken phone charges are becoming a common occurrence with modern smartphones, namely iPhones, and they are expensive to replace. These cables break down because of the fine wires and protective rubber casing fraying over time. Whilst we can’t bring your old one back from the dead, we can help your new cable last longer. A simple trick to prevent the cable from fraying is to take the spring out of a retractable ball point pen and thread it over the cable of your new charger.

Lighting Burned Candles


As you know, we at the Internet Gift Store love a scented candle or two around our home. However, whilst lighting the candles for the first couple of times is no trouble, it can be difficult when the candle has burned down half way or so. To save you burning your fingers when trying to light the wick with a lighter, light a stick of uncooked spaghetti instead and use to light the candle wick with.  


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