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Father’s Day is coming…

If you’re still looking for a Father’s Day gift that is going to make him smile or even rock his world a little then we can help. We’ve defined a few dad types below, click on the one that fits your old man and we’ll show you a mega collection of suitable gift ideas!

BOSS DAD – It’s the title most dads want, but very few actually achieve.

CHEF DAD – Even fewer dad’s achieve this one, but if yours is a dab hand in the kitchen then these gifts will do nicely.

JOKER DAD – If it’s humour that gets the old man going then how about turning it on him and going for one of the following whimsical treats.

PARTY DAD – This one is interchangeable with the word embarrassing dad, lets not hide that.

GEEKY DAD – If he indulges in anything you still think is cool then yes, he qualifies as a geeky dad. Oblige him.

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