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The greatest Emoji?

Word on the street is plain old letters are getting left behind.

They just don’t do it any more. When you’re angry/happy/sad and you need to express it on a phone or desktop or tablet, the ‘A’ team of emojis often needs to step in and lend a hand or more appropriately… a face. Who knew some of our most complex emotions would one day be conveyed via a teeny yellow expression with big eyes! Since we have a new range of cuddly emoji cushions we thought we would run through our fav emojis and how we use them.


Flushed – When the situation gets painfully awkward and there are no words left, this face tells the whole story.


Sunglasses – Doesn’t have to be related to the sun at all, this could convey that you are the coolest member of your whatsapp group and its time to let people know, thats all.


Face with stuck out tongue – The cheekiest of them all. Keep this one on hand for when everything goes your way.

The rest of our emoji collection features emoji clocks, cushions and even chocolates! take a look 🙂

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