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Your Summer Holiday To Do List!

Since we are all having a rare blast of sunshine we should definitely put it to good use! School is out for the summer so lets try and remember what life can be like without it. If you have kids then the recreational opportunities are going to be endless for the next few weeks. Tons to do either near you or further afield and all with the added bonus of glorious sunshine. Here is a quick to-do-list to make sure you don’t miss out on any fun.

Cleaning | OK OK so it’s a strange one to start off with but why not have a huge summer house clean, get it all out of the way so you don’t have to think about it again… till next week at least.

Local Food Festivals | Ask your local council or community about when and where you might find the next home made bake off or street food market. These are always brimming with fun, colour, games and flavours from all over the globe.

Fun-fairs | Nip online and look for the local funfair in your area. It’s the place your kids will never want to leave.

Water Shows | Many of these can be a bit tough on the wallet but if you look around there are a few good shows that won’t dent your pennies too harshly.

Paddling pool session | Too hot to be indoors but too exhausted to go out? the classic blow up garden pool might in fact be the answer, even if you’re a giant which simply means adult in child speak.

Make Ice Cream | Look up the few simple ingredients and the ringing of the ice cream van can be silenced for ever.

Day Trips | Brighton beach or your closest shoreline calls out to us at times like this. Leave this till the end of the summer so you can finish it on a high.

What’s way more important than anything on this list is time in the sun so even if you only pop out to the back garden your still soaking it up and when it’s all over you can stock up on all the School gear that you’ll need for the new term including stationery and backpacks and lunch bags in our huge Back to School collection. Have a blast!

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