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Rogue One News & 10% Off all Star Wars Gifts!

Another year is down and an exciting new Star Wars movie is nearly upon us. Officially titled Rogue One: A Star Wars story, this will be a departure from the canonical Star Wars storyline structure and instead give us a closer peek at some of the events we didn’t get to see before A New Hope. After the huge success of Star Wars The Force Awakens the momentum for this astounding saga has reached highs that have not been seen since the early eighties when the original star wars films were released.

New stories, new characters, new battles and brand new locations have been added to the Star Wars galaxy since then and fandom has reached incredible levels. The eagerly awaited appearance of Donnie Yen has fuelled speculation as to his involvement in the Rogue One team and more importantly how much butt he is going to kick.

Hype has been astronomical. Every fan appears to have their own theories as to what will happen next or what has already taken place in Star Wars lore, making this new entry into the series even more anticipated. The few facts that we have been given about this film have already been enough to get peoples hearts racing… Vader returning to peoples screens has been a major talking point. The original voice actor will return and his plans to build a Death Star will now be seen from its inception. Check out some new Star Wars gifts from our collection below.

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Star Wars Rogue One Galaxy Battle Light

Click above to see a video of our Star Wars Rogue One Galaxy Battle Light.


Star Wars Rogue One Death Star Light

No one can really say they’ve never wanted to holiday at the Death Star, even for just a short weekend. This December we get to learn more about its creation and its extremely destructive power.


Star Wars Rogue One Death Trooper Travel Mug

A new Star Wars Rogue One Death Trooper Travel Mug from Disney has arrived. Secured with a safe slid top lid to help avoid spills. The perfect travel companion for lovers of the force!


Star Wars BB-8 Paper Light Shade

Thrust some galactic atmosphere into a room with this printed, collapsible paper shade in the shape of BB-8. Designed to fit on a hanging ceiling light fixture.

If the tiny but obsessive part of you would like to know what cool stuff is getting released for the new movie we have an entire collection of Star Wars stuff right here.

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