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Loyalty Scheme

OK you lucky people; we have a rather special offer for you! Every time you spend £100 with us, we’ll issue you with a crisp and shiny voucher, one that’s worth a whole £10 to spend on anything you like on our website.

If you spend £200, you guessed it, we’ll give you 2 £10 vouchers. And if you spend £300, well, you get the idea.

Here are the rules

You must be a registered user.
You can register before or after making your first purchase.
Already registered and paying with PayPal? Just login to Internet Gift Store before paying.

We’ll issue the voucher three days after we’ve dispatched your goods.

The voucher cannot be used with any other promotional offer.

Vouchers are issued in accordance with your cumulative spend. I.E. You spend £120 on your first transaction and we send you a £15 voucher. The next time you spend £80 or more on your second visit, we’ll send you your second £15 voucher.

The voucher cannot be used with any other account.

We reserve the right to discontinue or modify this offer at any time without giving notice. The value of your order excludes the postage cost, so no cheating.

Enjoy shopping with Internet Gift Store, and remember, if you are not entirely happy with your purchase you can return them at any time within 7 days for a full refund.

Please visit our terms & conditions page for more details.